About fizooge real estate service

We have had successful track records of delivering authentic and rewarding landed properties to over 1000 individuals and several organizations. Our success story is not far-fetched; we are transparent, and we keep our word.

Our focus is to bring clarity to, and demystify the process of buying and selling real estate in Nigeria; especially in Lagos State. All our properties are free from government acquisition, land-grabbers trouble or any other encumbrance whatsoever.

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We offer other value added services including but not limited to legal advice on property matters, architectural drawings etc.

Under the leadership of our amiable chairman, Prince Dele Akinola, our mission is to render top-notch services to our numerous satisfied clients while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

With a network of over 500 associate marketing partners, our reach covers the real estate industry across Nigeria, and all over the world.